Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Plain Digital Wrapper Blog Train!

It's time for a Plain Digital Wrapper blog train!! This one is packed full of brag books pages made with May's collaboration kit, Through My Window: A Boy's Life. How cute is this kit?

Please remember, members are all over so, if someone doesn't have theirs up, please, check back!! Here's a preview of the pages you'll get from me.

You can download it here.

Now, off to the other goodies!!
Plain Digital Wrapper
Jamie's Creations
Oh and By the Way
Little Behr's Den
OCD by ChereKaye
Kanga's Kreations
Priddy Sweet Scraps
Dracowin's Curiosities


Don't forget that you can earn a whole kit just for doing the challenges at Plain Digital Wrapper!! Check out my scraplift challenge. Each week you can scraplift the LOTW and earn a piece of the kit.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bad, bad blogger....

Yep, I've been a bad girl alright. A brand new beautiful blog and it has already been neglected. I'm determined to fix that though. I've decided to make some of my layouts into templates. You get a FREE pretty template. Then you can rush over to the store and purchase the kit, and in no time you'll have a pretty little page all whipped up. So for my first freebie ever I have a template from this LO I made with the beautiful kit Balderdash by ChereKaye of O.C.D. designs at Plain Digital Wrapper. The kit is brand spankin' new and it will be in her PDW store today. Here's my LO:

And you can download this free template here -OR- here:

While you're over at Plain Digital Wrapper stop by the forum and check out the Blog Contest! It's Blog week and there are some great prizes to be had. Plus, if you need to do some spring cleaning on your own blog there will be some great blog wear kits in the store. See you at PDW!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Dollar Short and A Day Late...

Well I hope everyone had a special day yesterday. We couldn't venture too far away from home because we still had mama's to watch! With 4 heifers left to calve my Valentine's Day getaway plans were nixed. We left home, stopped at my in-laws quickly to check the heifers before heading uptown for a quick dinner with a couple of friends. The place was packed and they were short of help, so needless to say I was put to work while we waited for our friends to join us. Don't get me wrong, I'm always willing to help out....that's just what you do in a small town. It just seems like it's always the same people wearing the volunteer badge. Ahhh...the joys of bussing tables while in high heels balancing plates loaded with dishes full of au jus (and me in a white shirt). All was not lost however, I enjoyed a great meal, wonderful conversation and a few hours together with my Valentine.

Now, you might be wondering how this all ties in with my blog title and I'm not going to leave you guessing any longer. When my husband stopped to check the mama's he switched boots, took off his good coat and removed his wallet and checkbook from his back pocket (for some reason he's paranoid they'll fall out). When he came back he switched back into his good boots, put his coat on and hopped in the pickup. Yep! He left his wallet and checkbook on the shelf in the garage. So, when I went to pay the bill at dinner we were a dollar short. Actually we were $42.36 short! Ready for another benefit of small town living? You can charge things! And I don't mean with plastic. So, we left the restaurant without paying and went home to a quiet, childless (and calfless) home. So what about the day late you ask? Well, that's today! Guess how many new calves we had this morning? Three! Of course, if that had happened yesterday, morning I would have been able to go out of town to a real restaurant where I wouldn't have had to bus my own table and get my own drinks. But then, what would I have done when I was a dollar short?......

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Would that I could....

So...I've been whining for quite some time about how I don't have a blog to show off all of the wonderful things the designers at Plain Digital Wrapper create. "If I knew how to design a blog I would...." ...Would that I could. Of the 2 foreign languages I can semi-comprehend (well 3 if you count my Franish which is my composite of the 8 combined years of French and Spanish that I have nearly forgotten) HTML is NOT one. ...Would that I could.

So...I think the forces of evil must have gotten sick of my whining, because I had a nice little RAK in my mailbox yesterday from a sweet princess. What was the prize you ask? Well, this blog of course and ALL of the work that comes with it! But lo and behold the prize was even sweeter than I thought because, although now I will be forever chained to my own little piece of the world wide web, the princess gave me the ultimate blog gift! The gift of blog beautification in the form of an easy peasy Beautify Your Blog kit by the wonderful Courtney Wilson! Needless to say within an hour or so here is my beautiful blog...Wood that I could. ;-) Thank you Victoria for the name, and to everyone who voted!

Oh, and it took me longer to write this post than it did to design the blog. You really DO need to check out Courtney's kit!